Foto A. Muhr

Year of Birth: 1984
Year of Patent: 2013
Further Education: CAS Child Representation / Procedural Assistance (2020)
Languages: German, English
Register Canton: Solothurn

Schweizerischer Anwaltsverband (SAV)
Solothurnischer Anwaltsverband (SolAv)
Bernischer Anwaltsverband (BAV)
Solothurnischer Juristenverein
Bernischer Juristenverein (BJV)
Verein der Anwalts- und NotariatspraktikantInnen Bern (anp)

Preferred legal areas:
Family Law (especially martial separation and divorce)
Migration Law (Immigration, Asylum, Naturalisation)
Traffic Law
Criminal Law
Insolvency Law
Child protection

After graduating from high school in Germany in 2004, I began studying law at the University of Lucerne. During Master’s degree, I studied two semesters at the University of Bern. Subsequently I completed my practical education at the public procecutor’s office of canton Berne, as well as at a law firm in Berne.

Following the conferment of the barrister by the High Court of canton Berne in 2013, I worked in two law offices in Berne.

In September 2015 I founded the law firm “Advokatur Muhr”.

Advokatur Muhr
Biberistsstrasse 14H
4500 Solothurn

Tel.: +41 32 501 49 95
Fax.: +41 32 501 48 85